Relationship status? It’s complicated

Relationship status? It’s complicatedgfmnzdgn

When people list their relationship status as “it’s complicated”, you may wonder what could be so complicated about it. Surely you are simply ‘single’ or ‘in a relationship’, right? Well, new research has emerged suggesting that for young people in particular, it’s not necessarily so straightforward. Although monogamy – an exclusive relationship with one partner – is still considered the ‘norm’ in our society, more casual relationships are increasingly common for adolescents.

When someone says ‘I’m in a relationship’, there’s a good chance you’ll picture a man and a woman in a steady, sexually exclusive relationship. And you wouldn’t be alone with that assumption. A study by four authors published[1] in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships[2], confirmed that despite Western society becoming ever more permissive and accepting, monogamy is still considered to be the most desirable and ‘normal’ way to engage in a relationship.

So what’s the problem? Well, monogamy being placed as ‘the normal thing to do’ can mean that anyone choosing a non-traditional form of relationship, such as polyamory (multiple partners) or an open relationship (not sexually exclusive) may feel marginalised and excluded when

Advice for young people in abusive relationships

A notable minority of young people experience some form of aggression from their partner in their early relationships.j,lhxf

While the numbers vary from study to study, somewhere between 10%-48% of teens report experiencing physical aggression in their dating relationships (pushing, slapping, hitting, hitting the partner down), and one-quarter to one-half of report psychological aggression (making fun of their partner, screaming in their face, calling them names, saying negative things about their appearance).

Some 31% of girls and 16% of boys also experience sexual violence in their early relationships.

In some cases, the abuse can be less easy to spot. See our article on Controlling Partners for more information.

Why do people stay in abusive relationships?

Young people often stay in violent relationships for a number of reasons:

  • they may feel guilty
  • they may feel like it was their own fault
  • they may justify the behaviour as ‘caring’
  • they may begin to see the behaviour as normal
  • or it may be that having a boy/girlfriend brings status.

Some people may think that if their partner is violent, it’s just a one-off occurrence. However, evidence shows that a violent partner is likely to be violent in the future if they do not

The best ways to propose a girl

Proposing a girl is also an art. An art which to some comes naturally but others need to master it with tips. If you want to propose a girl, here are the best tips you need to keep in mind.

15th May_romantic SMS

Be yourself

This is the very first rule which you need to keep in mind when you plan to propose a girl. Do not go overboard with your proposal. All you need to do is keep it simple, sweet and cute. Be creative, and above all, be yourself. It is the dream of every girl to get a guy proposing to her. But be just who you are, and also in your own unique way say those golden three words. We mean, do not try to copy SRK!

Candle Lit Dinner

This is a very popular way of proposing to your dream girl. One of the most quintessential elements in a very romantic evening is candles. The dim lights and the romantic tunes simply set one of the best settings for a

How to Make Myself Attractive to Women Dating Tips Show Your Personality And Attitude

These days, dating is like a series of job interviews through which you should convince your opposite sex to move outside for a dating. Convince your opposite sex is very tough and complicate task! If you want to accomplish this sort of job, then you need to take the help from online dating tips. With the help of dating advice, you can know the solution about how to make myself attractive to women. You need to consider yourself about persona, style of living, attitude, social life, and mind sharpness, and other things which are very important for making a better life. This is your time to move for the online media and searching one of the best online dating sites through which you can know some dating tips to make yourself attractive to women. What lots of men don’t realise is there are a lot of simple methods to instantly make yourself attractive to women that you desire. In case, you listen very closely, then I will share a few of lessons that I have learned. Also, I assure in case, you apply things you are effective to get the dates with the beautiful, and sexy women.

First important thing that

Long-distance relationships: surviving the change

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you probably already have some ingenious ideas for making things work with your partner. But have you started preparing for the time when you move closer together?

Chances are you aren’t planning for your relationship to be permanently long distance. You may already be looking ahead to a time when you and your partner will be able to live in the same town, or even the same home. And, while that anticipation might be really exciting, there’s a lurking danger that things might not go as smoothly as you hope.

We know from research that long-distance couples risk facing greater instability when they move closer together. In fact, the longer they spend apart, the more likely they are to feel unstable,

Knowing The Right Approach When Socializing With a Woman Can Make Your Chances Far More Positive

Too Much Game Can Ruin Your Chances with Women

Many men get carried away trying to play “The Game”–so carried away with being charming that they lose the girl!.

A Pick-Up Artist is a man who considers himself skilled (or who tries to be skilled) at meeting, attracting, and seducing females. The term Pick-Up Artist is associated with the seduction community which is a heterosexual male subculture based on the goal of improved sexual and romantic abilities with women. Pick-Up Artists develop pick-up lines, routines, and gambits. They aim to improve their seductive capabilities through the development of different lifestyles. Many Pick-Up Artists use manipulative tactics to feed off a woman’s insecurities, seduce her, and get what they want. These techniques not only hurt women but also men. The more women interact with a said “Pick-Up Artists” and get hurt, the more cautious they will be with all men. This means higher hurdles for regular guys to jump over

Angry, Bitter Men Do Not Get women

Never in the history of the world was a bitter, angry, frustrated man laid. Unless he paid for it, but I guarantee whomever he paid was not happy about it.

Overall, I realize that many men are frustrated due

Online Dating Tips For Teens

The teens are the time when most people first start experimenting with their sexuality. Depending on how old you are you may already have a steady girlfriend or boyfriend or you maybe limiting yourself to casual online dating for the moment. Regardless, chances are that most of the people you’ve dated till now are those you had already been acquainted with, either a boy or girl from school or someone you met in church, at a party…the choices are endless.

However, internet dating portals and online dating has also become popular these days and it is quite possible that you or someone you know has already experimented with the same. While there is nothing wrong with doing so, you need to keep certain things in mind while exploring the world of internet dating.

Most articles offering online dating advice or online dating tips are aimed that those using the traditional dating sites that are generally adults only. It is definitely not a good idea to try and find a boyfriend or girlfriend on one of these sites. For one thing, you need to be either eighteen or above to become a member of one of these sites. So even if you manage

Dealing with stress as a couple

Research suggests that a little stress can be good for you. Stress can help you perform better in job interviews or when speaking in public. It can also heighten your excitement when participating in some sports.

However, stress – like alcohol – is best served in moderation. Too much stress can lead to illness as well as physical and emotional exhaustion.

Learning to deal with stress can help you avoid burning yourself out, and can help you through difficult times in the future.

What causes stress in a relationship?

Many things can cause stress – and in some cases, there are no obvious causes of stress. However, when it comes to couple relationships, a lot of things that cause stress are the same as those that cause arguments:

  • Money
  • Lack of sleep caused by pregnancy/ new parenthood
  • Parenting
  • In-laws
  • Employment
  • Health/ illness

What are the impacts on the couple relationship?

Couples who experience a lot of stress may be more sensitive and react in a worse way to the daily ups-and-downs of their relationship, compared to couples who experience less stress.

Stress may also cause couples to communicate less effectively with one another and find it difficult to see things from each other’s point of view.

If this stress is removed, people will usually be

Want to learn more about your relationship? Get LoveSmart!

Where do you go to learn about relationships? To help young adults get more information on the realities of being in a couple, relationships charity OnePlusOne has launched LoveSmart.

The online tool uses relationship science and interactive animations to encourage users to set boundaries, communicate effectively and understand their emotions. The site also looks at sex and intimacy within a broader context of dating and forming relationships.

‘The site covers matters such as “What kind of relationship am I in?”, “Do I have to have sex?” and “Can I be friends with my ex?”’ says OnePlusOne Director Penny Mansfield. ‘Our hope is that we can answer the questions of young adults while showing them how to improve the quality of their relationships.’

OnePlusOne has identified a need for young adults to be given more education on couple relationships. Recent research findings have shown that many young adults  feel that they are missing out on this when at school and some are turning to pornography to learn more about sex.

‘It’s a myth to assume that the only thing young adults are interested in is sex,” continues  Mansfield. ‘They care very much about their relationships as we discovered recently at an event we attended held

Why it’s OK to ask for relationship support

It isn’t always easy to ask for help, particularly with something as personal as your relationship. But trouble finds us all from time to time and, in those moments, it doesn’t hurt to get a bit of help before things get out of hand.

Even smaller issues – things like not being able to talk to each other, a lack of affection, or simply growing apart – need dealing with. Although they may not arrive with quite the same sense of urgency as bigger problems, it’s usually best to deal with them as early as possible. Taking early action can make it easier to reach a solution, and stop problems from getting much bigger [1].

How to ask for help

Sometimes, asking for help can feel like an admission of failure, but this isn’t necessarily the case. By seeking support, and taking steps to resolve your difficulties, you’re taking responsibility for your actions and looking for ways to make the best decisions. This leaves you in a much better position to protect your relationship, and even strengthen it, than you would be if you allowed the issue to fester [2].

The first person you turn to might be a trusted family member or friend.

My partner has had an affair with a colleague at the office party

You’ve found out that your partner has had an affair with a colleague. Perhaps they told you personally, maybe you found a message on their phone, or a mutual friend told you.

Right now you’ll be going through a range of emotions and your mind will be reeling with questions – Why did my partner cheat? Has he/she cheated on me before? Did he/she prefer having sex with this other person to me? Is our relationship over?

It’s a horrible experience to go through, and although it may not feel like much of a comfort, it’s useful to know that you’re not alone in this situation. Many CoupleConnection forum users have been through something similar:

‘I discovered messages on her phone around 4 months ago… I just decided to [ask her about it] and hey presto she came clean on everything. She said it started as friendship but they have been sleeping together for about 6 months now,’ posts Philly in My Wife’s Secret Affair With Her Boss.

Several surveys have been conducted into workplace affairs and flings, which suggest that a fair number of people have found their partner cheating on them with a colleague:

  • 44% of the men say they’d had an affair

The Best Online Dating Tips

When you really think about it, online dating tips is something that can have a tremendous impact depending on the situation.

The most significant kind of online dating tips includes those referring to safety. You can definitely discover suggestions and assistance around the etiquette, the items to complete in order to make your profile more attractive and so forth. But, specialists suggest that you simply begin with safety first and foremost.

Let’s state that you have discovered a number of dating sites, some free, others paid, but you stay undecided about where to create accounts and turn out to be a member. Some people prefer to use two or three dating internet websites in parallel, because they therefore boost their chances of finding a suitable date. There is no rule right here! It is totally as much as you!

Begin by comparing the privateness policy, the terms and conditions. You need to comprehend everything in the policy and be aware of all the implications. You would like to make sure that your personal information is secure with the web site which they do not get revealed to 3rd parties. Many online dating tips advise in support of paid dating internet websites simply because,

How to have a good breakup

How to end a relationship

Is there a right way to break up with someone? Does it really make a difference how you go about severing the tie that once kept your hearts intertwined?

Well, yes it does, actually. And there are two key variables you should try to keep in mind. The first is how direct you are, and the second is how much concern you express towards the person you’re breaking up with [1].

The more direct you are, the more considerate you’re likely to be. Imagine a scenario where you break up with someone by avoiding them, or drifting away, or even putting all your flaws on display in the hopes that they’llbreak up with you.

Not only would that show a lack of compassion on your part, but it’s might also make things harder after you breakup. So, while ending a bad relationship is sometimes the right choice to make, it really is worth trying to do it as kindly as possible.

While it may seem harder, being direct is a much more compassionate way to leave your lover. Be clear that you want to end the relationship, and show your soon-to-be-ex-partner that you care how it affects them. It won’t

Tips for couples having a second child

Couples tend to get a lot of attention when they make the transition to parenthood. But when couples decide they want to have more children and extend the family, they don’t get the same level of support.

Evidence does suggest that couples who plan to have a second child have a strong ability to keep their relationship strong and are therefore more likely to stay together. However, that doesn’t mean that couples who are planning baby number don’t need any help.

Read on for tips on how to cope with a growing family

Making the decision together

The happiest couples with children tend to be those who make a joint decision to become parents. If both parents share the same intentions and both are actively involved in the decision making process, then they tend to handle the experience of a growing family much better.

If you want to have more children try sitting down together and planning what you want. Consider the following:

  • how many children do you imagine having?
  • how far apart would you ideally like the children to be born?
  • what sort of role do you imagine playing in the upbringing of future children? Will the balance of care giving change?

You may also want to discuss

Is He The One

Finally—you met a guy you’re pretty sure you’ll remember for the rest of your life. No longer are you shy and self-conscious. You’ve gotten over the awkwardness of asking him questions about himself. You’re both comfortable sharing your hopes, fears, and dreams and are reveling in the enjoyment of just feeling close. The two of you feel lucky to have found each other. You can’t help wondering: is he the one?


What should you look for in a serious boyfriend? What differentiates him from the pack? Well, qualities like honesty, intelligence, compassion, and kindness are right up there. By all means, he should be a good listener and be willing to share his feelings. Yet apart from this list of essentials, what you look for in a serious boyfriend depends on your own unique personality and interests. It might be important that he share your love of movies…or dogs…or skiing. Or, if you are especially outgoing, is he the one who is quiet and reserved who wins your heart?


There are some situations however, which will reveal character traits that are crucial for your future happiness. These will be times when his true nature will show you what he’s made of. Use these times

How does football affect couple relationships?

In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a big sporting event happening in Brazil at the moment. Quite a few countries are participating, and it involves kicking a ball for 90 minutes. Yes, the World Cup is in full swing!

Many women, and some men, lament big events such as the World Cup, particularly if their other half is really into sport. Some complain that they never see their partner as they’re always down at the pub or round at a friend’s house watching the game.

But does football really have negative effects on couple relationships?

Birth rates rise

There have been reported cases of rising birth rates nine months after a team’s sporting success.

After the 2002 World Cup, there was a slight rise (0.25%) in the birth rate in England and Wales, which sociologists attribute in part to England’s achievement in reaching the World Cup quarter finals.

Birth rates also rose after England’s 1966 win and when the team made the 1970 quarter finals.

According to a study in the British Medical Journal, births in the Catalan region of Spain increased by 16% nine months after FC Barcelona won the 2009 UEFA Champions League final against Manchester United.

‘Our results may have several different interpretations,’ the authors

Is there a soulmate out there for you?

Is there one perfect person out there in the world for you? And, if so, what are the odds of finding them?

What is a soulmate?

When the idea of soulmates first emerged in the 1930s, it was seen almost as a magical connection between two people destined to be together. These days, we tend to think of a soulmate more as a person we can connect with and are compatible with – someone who shares the qualities that we feel are most important to us [1].

Does your soulmate exist?

The question of whether your soulmate exists is a very cheap football shirts personal one. If you’re looking for someone, you may already have an idea in your mind of the important qualities they should or shouldn’t have.

Narrowing down the field like this can help give you an idea of what sort of person your ‘soulmate’ might be – their age, their interests, their hopes and dreams, and maybe even what they look like. Some of these qualities will be ‘deal-breakers’.

But here’s the exciting part: most of us don’t actually know what we’re looking for until we find it. According to relationship research, there isn’t really a specific

Body confidence and self-esteem in relationships

When you’re planning a beach holiday with your partner, nothing can strike more fear in your heart than the thought of having to walk around half naked in front of strangers.

Being exposed in front of a lot of people can easily bring up any body insecurities you have, and as a result you may be dieting frantically and going to the gym seven days a week so you can achieve a more ‘desirable’ beach body.

This type of mindset isn’t exclusive to women – men also experience feelings of dissatisfaction when it comes to their appearance.

When we start to feel self-conscious about our bodies in front of our partner it can be for a number of reasons. Examples may be:

  • Pregnancy: When a woman is pregnant, or has recently given birth, the experience of her changing body can make her feel uncomfortable in her own skin. These feelings are often linked with stress in couple relationships.
  • Ageing: As we age, our body goes through a transformation which can at times be difficult to come to terms with. If there is an age gap in a relationship, the older partner may feel even more self-aware about the ageing process because they are going through

My partner doesn’t want children

Not everyone wants to be a parent.

People have many reasons for not wanting a child: they may worry that they won’t be able to provide for a child financially, they may have moral or ethical reasons, or maybe they’re simply happy with their current lifestyle.

If you want to have a child, but your partner doesn’t, you may worry about what the future holds for you as a couple.

Many of us dream of starting a family with the one we love. When that person doesn’t have the same ambition, we sometimes wonder whether it would be best to end the relationship so we can find someone who shares the same goal.

According to research published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, when deciding whether to remain voluntarily childless, there are three stages:

  1. Coming to an agreement

    Coming to an agreement as a ‘non-mutual couple’ (a couple with differing views on having children) is not always simple.  Reaching an agreement may take time, especially if you both have strong views on the topic.

    Couples will need to discuss and gain a better understanding of each other’s reasons for wanting/not wanting a child.

    The research found that couples who remain childless do so because the partner

9 Signs He’s Not a Cheater

Being cheated on is the worst. You feel rejected but also pissed. You don’t know who you can trust. Well, scientific studies have narrowed down some traits that are statistically more common in guys who cheat, so here are some signs (not confirmation, obviously) that your guy will never stray.

1. You bring home the same amount of money. A recent study from the American Sociological review showed that partners were less likely to cheat if they were in the same (or similar) income brackets. Men were more likely to cheat if they made a lot more money than their partner, and they were most likely to cheat if they made a lot less. So if you two have similar paychecks, you’ve got statistics on your side.

2. He’s from the Midwest. According to this poll, Midwesterners are just too well-mannered to cheat on their partners. 

3. His friends are also faithful. People are more likely to cheat if their friends are also cheaters, according to M. Gary Newman, author of The Truth About Cheating.